International & State to State Sales

U.S. State-to-State Sales:

Pheromone artwork features natural specimens, all of which have been obtained legally. Those that are imported are only done so with proper permits and licenses. Reclaimed specimens that are domestically raised only come from breeders or institutions that are legally authorized. We take great pains to ensure that all of the specimens we obtain, whether reclaimed or imported are done so following all Federal, and where applicable, State regulations.

However, it is not possible for Pheromone to remain abreast of each state’s respective Fish and Wildlife statutes. The laws and allowances of each US state vary widely and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that their state does not have statutes prohibiting the purchase (or sale) of the products or specimens for intended resale or purchase.

If you have questions or are unsure of your State’s pertinent laws, it is recommended that you consult with your State Fish and Wildlife office before purchasing.

International Sales:

Pheromone is able to export artwork. However, because the artwork contains natural specimens, all export shipments containing ‘wildlife’ (all specimens except for minerals and fossils) must be inspected and cleared by a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Agent. The only exception is a shipment which contains ONLY minerals and fossils. In addition, due to current restrictions on the export of all parrots and related products, Christopher Marley’s Feather line cannot be exported (though all feathers are naturally shed by captive-bred birds). A few other specimens are also restricted from export: all “Birdwing” Butterflies (i.e. Fiery Birdwing) and certain Avian and Serpent specimens. Please contact our office if you have questions or to request additional information.

Pheromone is required to complete electronic declaration forms and have each shipment containing wildlife (shells, insects, etc.) inspected by a U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent at a designated port prior to export from the U.S. There is a $200 inspection/document processing fee per shipment (subject to change based on individual order requirements).

Shipments may need to be held for up to two weeks at a warehouse at or near the port while awaiting inspection and must not leave the country until the shipment has received a “cleared” status. Customers with their own freight forwarders can provide Pheromone staff with contact information to ensure that the freight forwarder has a bonded location near a U.S. Fish & Wildlife designated office and port where the order may be inspected.

Customers who prefer to have Pheromone handle their export must provide a final destination ship-to address in order to receive a door-to-door quote from our International Department.

Pheromone holds the necessary export permit through U.S. Fish and Wildlife to export artwork and will provide scientific names of specimens to the customer for import purposes, however it is the customer’s responsibility to check with their local government and determine whether there is any additional documentation or paperwork required to bring Pheromone artwork into their country. All import tax/duty and other related expenses/documentation are the responsibility of the receiver.

Pheromone’s lifetime warranty applies only within the U.S. due to stringent import/export requirements. Exceptions or exclusions may be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact our office at 503-990-8132 or email [email protected] if you have questions or require further information.